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Toenail fungus is popularly known as Onchomycosis. It is a fungal infection which affects the nail bed, nail plate including the area around the nail. Nail fungus are mainly caused by a dermatophyte called Trichophyton rubrum. It sticks to the nail and gradually penetrates the nail. It is generally accompanied by yellow or white-yellow patches. In its initial stage it does not cause any pain, so many people avoid it, but if it is not treated early it penetrates the nail and spread the infection to entire nail surface. It is very essential to use nail fungus killer otherwise It can creates ridges in the nail which gradually consumes keratin of the nail.

Almost all nail infections are treated as onchomycosis. Other abnormalities occur with fungal infection of the nail are oncholysis, paronycha, yellow nail syndrome etc which may mimic with Toenail fungus. You can easily identify the toenail symptoms with the changes and pain.

Symptoms of Onchomycosis or Toenail fungus:

  • Entire nail is covered by yellow or white-yellow patches
  • Nails becomes red and swollen
  • Swollen nail gives a burning sensation and is painful
  • It may happen that nail separates with skin
  • Nail infected by toenail fungus gives a foul smell including puss oozes out from toe

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There are many causes responsible for Toenail fungus. If you will not take any immediate action then it can spread severely and increases pain.

Factors responsible for toenail fungus:

  • Faulty immune system
  • It generally affects the person suffering from artery diseases
  • Skins having abnormal PH value are mostly affected by it
  • Improper hygienic conditions
  • Previously fungal affected nails

Onchomycosis or toenail fungus is not a fatal disease. It can be cured by using proper Toenail fungus medicines like funginix, zetaclear etc.But it may be difficult to treat if it is not detected early. If you notice any symptoms related to Toenail fungus consult doctor who will clarify the disease after proper diagnosis. Diagnostic will remove some part of affected nail for analysis. The diseased nail is treated with different bases and microscopic study is done which can determine the disease.

So if you are suffering from debilitating Toenail fungus disease don’t be late just go for effective treatment of Toenail fungus available in the market like funginix, zetaclear which will cure your fungal infection.

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