Use Epsom Salt to Treat Toenail Fungus

There are number of natural, products and home remedies that claim to treat toenail fungus. In the list of natural remedies Epsom salt is one of the effective cures, which acts as an anti fungal agent and some sorts of substance that conveys the anti bacterial agent to pervade the toenail. Epsom salt is basically a crystal of magnesium sulfate. Epsom salt is not only used for combating fungus but also it has many uses, from beauty and health to clean house, organic gardening, etc.

It is known that soaking feet in Epsom salt leads the fast absorption of magnesium and sulfate into the bloodstream. It also acts as an aeration agent for the skin that can be used to heal some particular skin and toenail conditions. Medicines to treat toenail fungus in real terms do not have a safe, good and effective cure for toenail fungus infections. But, the use of Epsom salt for toenail fungus can be quite helpful in this condition and likely offers a cure if used appropriately.


People with toenail fungus, can buy the Epson salt easily from the grocery store, which is also known as magnesium sulfate. You can also buy some heavy and thick duty nail filers that easily available in a beauty shop or internet. Thickened toenail should be file down as per your comfort level before soaking your feet. Always try to keep your nails as short as you can so that the Epsom salt has reach to the deeply to the roots of nail. By filing your toenail short Epsom salt becomes fast accessible to the fungus, pace the recovery process, and also makes your affected toenail look better.

Once or twice a day, in severe condition thrice a day, soak your infected toenail in a container with lukewarm warm or hot water (as much you can easily bear) and a few tablespoons of Epsom salt. Soak your toe for at least 15 to 20 minutes of time period. When your toes are soaking, you can also add some more Epsom salt directly over the toenail in order to provide a higher concentration of the magnesium and sulfate right on top of the toenail. Follow Epsom salt for toenail fungus at least twice a day. It might take several weeks until the strong toenail has completely swapped the infected toenail.

Fungus thrives speedily in moist and damp places. So, it is important to dry your feet thoroughly after the soak. Wear open kinds of foot wear in order to provide air and dryness to the feet that also prevent fungus re-growth.

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