Treat Toenail Fungus by Applying Olive Oil

Toenail fungus in medical terms known as Onychomycosis that is caused by the fungus called dermatophytes. As it is very common infection that mostly affects the nails, either toenails or fingernails, but usually affects toenails. It gets placed in and around the skin tissues of the toenail. Gradually it fixes up there and then as it gets favorable environment, it propagates to the entire area. Infections of fungus in toenail are rigid and the condition becomes worse as for any sorts of medicine, because it is not easy to reach inside the toenail as it has no supply of blood except from root of nail.

Medicines only work effectively if the infection of fungus is in the blood. In the case of toenail infection, the blood is not affected but the whole part of nail including cuticle is targeted. Toenail is one of the infections which can be more efficiently treated with the topical treatment. Essential oils plays important role in treating such obstinate infection.


Discoloration, brittle, distorted and sometimes odorous toenails are the visible signs of toenail fungus. It can be also a painful and dangerous since remains untreated that causes toenail to become fragile and even to fall off subsequently. In order to get rid from toenail infection there are many types of natural oils are available that have the penetrating power deep into the nail and to eliminate the growth and spreading of the fungus including olive oil. The beneficial traits of olive oil for toenail fungus in particular can be helpful as remedy of toenail fungus symptoms.

Regular or continuous application of olive oil softens the infected toenail and cuticles. This helps in preventing cracking and dryness of fungus infected toenails as it is enriched with high content of antioxidative substances. Olive oil works more effectively when it is mixed with essential Oregano oil. Unify two drops of Oregano essential oil with a teaspoon of olive oil. Now, apply the combined oil on the affected area regularly for not more than three weeks. Olive oil for toenail fungus infiltrates deeply into the toenail and eliminates the fungal infection if used repeatedly.

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