Cure your infected toenail with Vicks

Toenail fungal infection is painful as well as iterative. People suffering from toenail fungus want to get rid from this infection at any cost. Toenail fungus damage the toenail in such a manner the whole toenail become white and looks ugly and sometimes the nail also gets detached from the nail bed. There are many home made remedied which are effective on this infection but they take much time than medical treatment.

There is another alternative way to cure the toenail fungus that is through Vicks vapo rub ointment. Toenail fungus Vicks treatment is harmless and gives relief fast as compared to any other home remedies. As Vicks vapo rub is easily available in the market so one can try this to cure its infected toenail.


The process of toenail treatment with Vicks:

  1. Warm water is very effective in keeping foot and toenails soft and healthy. Before toenail fungus Vicks treatment soak your infected toenail in the warm water for 15 to 20 minutes, before going to the bed.

  2. Then dry your feet and rub the toe nail with dry cotton cloth. Make sure that towel is clean and washed every time after the use, because fungal infection easily re infect if proper precautions are not taken.

  3. Over the surface of the infected nail lightly use the diamond file or emery broad. One can also clean the infected nail with sterile cotton dipped in hydrogen peroxide wrapped on an orange stick. By this method the nail becomes thin and Vicks can easily penetrate into it.

  4. Now apply the Vicks vapo rub ointment directly on the toenail throughout the cuticle as well as underside of the nail. The main reason behind toenail fungus Vicks treatment is that Vicks contains menthol, camphor and eucalyptus and many more natural medicines which are highly anti fungal and destroy the fungus from roots.

  5. To make the applied Vicks stay on your feet put on clean white socks i.e. cotton socks. This will help night long penetration of Vicks slowly into the deep nail.

  6. After frequent use your toe nail will again become fresh and soft. You can use antiseptic solution through out the day which will more helpful in this treatment. Antiseptic will prevent from re infection and make the toenail soft and gentle.

As in toenail fungus Vicks is safe and effective. But in any case the Vicks treatment gives unsatisfied results then one can use Funginix or Zetaclear on your infected toenail. This will surely give satisfied result and will cure all types of toenail fungal infection without any side effects or complications.

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